No more physical identity card? Perhaps this is the future that awaits us. If this idea is still far from being fully realized, the first step has been taken. An application to save your identity document in the smartphone is under development, indicates FranceInfo.

The deployment will take place in the course of 2023. Only cards equipped with an electronic chip will be able to benefit from this new format. This therefore only concerns new cards with “credit card” dimensions used since August 2, 2021.

Additional condition for this new use: a smartphone compatible with NFC technology (contactless). The models of mobile phones capable of using it are Iphones since Iphone 7 and devices under Android 8.

The device will initially offer tamper-proof and single-use supporting documents in the form of a very useful secure PDF. This may also allow the opening of a bank account or the rental of an apartment, explains the media quoted above.

So there is a real interest in downloading this application. Especially since it will increase security. It will help to combat fraud and identity theft related to the use of card photocopies…

How to get the application?Planet has produced the slideshow below to explain how to save the identity card on your mobile phone. Don’t panic, the database is your card. There is only an exchange between her and the telephone.

Public authorities will not track you. “It’s not Big Brother. It is not the state that imposes something” explains Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin, director of the National Agency for Secure Documents.