Digital Beauty-treatment – Nice about Skype is a Beauty can work Treatment via video call? So, without creams, without Massage, without body contact? We have tried it. Priska Amstutz0 comment instructions via Skype: Lara Schurter from the natural beauty Studio, green lane explains the use of a Gua Sha massage stone. Photo: Priska Amstutz

I don’t swear in front of the Corona, these lines were still there. Above the eyebrows formed fine lines, still fresh as a Daisy, when I would pull the Brew since the outbreak of the crisis, constant questioning to the top. What I do might actually, when I read, for example, of intravenous disinfectant, at the same time curricula study and the ingredients for the recipe 4538 recording.

“Expression!”, I calm myself, because I am a beautician wrinkles precisely the difference between dog municipalities folds (either a sign of the times, in the adolescent delusion, neglected maintenance, or nasty genes) and facial expressions (declared expression of an intensely lived life, full of distinct emotions, so crazy charismatic). Will be able to show my face, similar to the testimonies of the children, a Corona-stamp?

beauty advice on the screen?

After all, I what to say white, as to me, Lara Schurter at the consultation asks which of the problems my skin has currently. Less Makeup the skin super. More Stress due to the home office, Homeschooling, and a constant home putzing, you don’t like, however, so the shows about in a small rash on his chin. Schurter operates since 2015 the successful natural cosmetics Studio green lane at the Central library.

treatments for her months in advance and booked an appointment with their staff needs a little patience. As because of the Lockdown, no treatments were possible, received the entrepreneur a lot of emails from customers that sent in their photos of bathroom cabinets and wrote: “Now I had finally time to take care of my skin. Where do I start?” So, the Team faltered on the online shop, and Schurter offered consultations via Skype, where they discussed with a client their concerns, the most suitable products recommended and specific tips gave. I want to test how a cosmetic treatment to the touch via Skype and set up an appointment.

Not only because of the virus: hands to the face

The connection, Lara Schurter’s wearing a white Shirt, she looks relaxed and tidy. To hear your optimistic voice, to me, in fact, a similar calming effect, to lie as in your treatment room. She makes a detailed medical history, explains to me the skin structure, stressed that creams can only act in the top layer, and gives tips on what measures the often imbalanced state of acid mantle in the second layer of the skin, nursed him back to health can be. These findings are known, but you can’t hear them well enough: a balanced diet, avoid Stress, a lot of time in the fresh air, spend.

Schurter notice that I’m still often in the face. A bad habit, the Corona is supposed to create out of the world, the blossom, but just for video conferencing. It recommends, also, in addition to the Computer, a disinfectant spray to keep and spray to your hands regularly. Also the cleaning of the mobile phones makes not only because of the Virus sense, also because of the bacteria from the screen directly to the skin on the chin (aha!) be transferred. I don’t know that the way I clean my face and care is totally wrong, but rather to the Winter-oriented.

the facial wrinkles to address me to one of the handles for a facial massage with Gua-Sha-stone shown: tense muscles can be relaxed. On Instagram, there are Tutorials. After an hour, we are through, it’s good to talk. The magic probably lies in the fact that in the hustle and bustle of the fundamental questions: How is it to me? How do I sleep? What Season is it?

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