A small Online-Bank Berlin comes out gradually. It was founded under the name of Number26 of two citizens of Vienna, called today, N26, and has only brought in four years ago, their first product on the market: a Smartphone account which is arrived at young customers immediately and among bankers for envious glances. Since then, the direct Bank has expanded its range and has been growing steadily.

Thomas Klemm

editor in the area of “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

In 24 European countries, she now shops, alone, within the past year its number of customers to 2.3 million, tripled. Also the darling of investors, has become N26. While Germany’s big banks, investors, donors, the Startup in the past week, venture capital 300 million dollars and since of this private funding round of a whopping 2.7 billion dollars worth.

With so much success, it is no wonder that the creators of N26 trumps and the big competition the fight announcements. The fresh money “in the end, more than ever, the Chance of one of the largest industries turn around,” says N26-founder and CEO Valentin Stalf. “In the world to many people, a bad digital Bank still use the products and to pay high fees.” Conversely, the well-meaning, N26 provides good digital products at especially low prices. Thus, the mobile Bank also competes with direct banks, which offer a multi-banking App. For vocal self-praise Stalf and his comrades-in-arms are known.