Difficult issues – the Federal Council gives to new Ofcom Director known Journalist from the 1. In July, the Federal office for communication. Bernard Maissen will have to look into the future of the media deal, or also with the 5G-Dossier.red/sda0 comment Bernard Maissen, here as editor-in-chief of the SDA. (Archive photo)photo: Alessandro della Valle/Keystone

Bernard Maissen is the new Director of the Federal office for communications (Ofcom). The Swiss Federal Council announced on Thursday. The 59-Year-old Maissen since 2018, Vice Director of Ofcom, responsible for the media Department.

The new function, it occurs at the 1. July. He assumes the office from Philip Metzger, who switched in February to the International electro-technical Commission (IEC). Since then, Ofcom will be headed on an interim basis by the Deputy Director Philippe Horisberger.

Maissen comes from the journalism. He studied at the University of Freiburg, German language and literature, history and journalism and was active in various capacities as a Journalist and editor-in-chief operates. Prior to Ofcom, he was editor-in-chief and member of the Executive Board of Schweizerische Depeschenagentur (SDA).

The media are one of the major challenges of the new Ofcom-Director. The Parliament is currently consulting on a package of measures to support the industry. This could put a brake on structural change, which has accelerated in the Corona-crisis, at best. The Council of States decides in the summer session on the template.

Controversial 5G-Dossier

The most difficult Dossier on Maissens Desk but comes from the Telecom Department. He has to accompany as a new Ofcom-Director the construction of the 5G network. The new mobile radio standard is highly controversial. Several people’s initiatives to stop the launch, while the economy calls for 5G.

The Federal government had auctioned off the frequencies at the beginning of 2019. In April, the Federal Council decided to once again test measurements, and by the end of year law enforcement assistance. The mobile radio standard is the prerequisite for a variety of new technologies such as self-driving cars or Virtual Reality.

With Bernard Maissen have been appointed by the Federal Council of a competent personality, the entrepreneurial leadership experience bring, it is said in the message. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the media industry and his wide network in politics and business, he was well equipped for the upcoming challenges in the Ofcom fine.

Bernard Maissen (right) during a media conference of the Ofcom in November 2018. (Archive photo)photo: Marcel Bieri/Keystone0 comment please Login to comment