New twists in the Jean-Luc Lahaye affair. While the famous 69-year-old singer has been imprisoned since November 17 in the health prison in Paris, things are getting complicated for those around him. According to information from the newspaper Le Parisien published in the January 23 edition, his daughter Margaux would have been indicted for “witness tampering”.

Convened on January 24 for her indictment, the 37-year-old young woman would be accused “of having pressured one of the two complainants, and of having manipulated her so that she exonerates her father during a a previous judicial investigation”, write our colleagues. Indeed, the singer Jean-Luc Lahaye would have abused two young women, then aged 16 and 17 at the time of the facts.

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Still according to Le Parisien, Margaux Lahaye would have been sometimes threatening, sometimes manipulative towards one of the victims and her entourage, from the complainant’s own confession to the investigators. Between intimidation and influence, the 30-year-old would have admitted to the police in the past that she had acted under the duress of her father. In addition, she also claims to have been manipulated in turn by the star singer, who allegedly maintained that her relationship with the teenager “was exclusively virtual”, adds the Ile-de-France newspaper.

If Margaux Lahaye’s lawyer did not wish to speak on this case, our colleagues also reveal that two other women, the mothers of the victims, should be summoned by the investigating judge on January 26 for “non-denunciation of felony”. The latter would have been aware of the liaisons maintained between their daughters and their idol, today in the shade. Until the final judgment of this case, father and daughter remain presumed innocent for the time being.

This is not the first time that the singer and rival of Julie Piétri has faced justice. On January 8, 2007, the singer was fined 10,000 euros for “sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor” during a trial at the Paris Criminal Court, reports L’Obs.

On February 11, 2015, eight years after his first conviction, Jean-Luc Lahaye was again arrested for similar acts by the Central Office for the Suppression of Violence against persons in the judicial police. Summoned to the Paris tribunal de grande instance on March 23, he is accused of corruption of a minor aggravated by the use of electronic communication for a sexual proposal to a minor under the age of 15 as well as possession of child pornography, reports RTL.

Following the trial behind closed doors, the Paris Criminal Court sentenced him to one year in prison and did not retain the charges of sexual proposal to a minor and possession of child pornography images.

On May 24, 2022, Jean-Luc Lahaye was released under judicial supervision. Six months after his release, the singer planned to go back on stage on December 23, at the Reservoir in Paris, to celebrate his 70th birthday. However, the court decided otherwise. This Tuesday, November 22, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed an order dated October 4 prohibiting him from going back on stage. As the site reports more precisely, the investigating judge prohibited him from all “public appearances and performances in the context of his activity as an artist” and prohibited him “from exercising an activity involving contact with minors” . “It is, to our knowledge, an unprecedented decision, which directly undermines freedom of expression”, reacted the singer’s lawyers, My David Apelbaum and Julia Minkowski, who announced that they had filed an appeal in cassation.

Jean-Luc Lahaye was born on December 23, 1952 in Paris in the tenth arrondissement of the capital. As a child, the singer was placed at the DDASS (the departmental directorate of health and social affairs) under registration number 65 RTP 515. “I have a somewhat special story because I did not live with my parents. I met my father when I was 12, after that I saw him very few times. Then I found out I had a sister. I also have a seven-year-old brother’, he confided this May 12 to Michel Drucker in Strongly Sunday.

Later, he perfected his skills as a technician whose role was to adjust production machines at Snecma, a company that studies and builds aviation engines.

After that, the interpreter of Woman that I love is hired as a bartender in a restaurant whose boss Gérard Pedron will later become his producer. It was at this time that he met the singer Dalida. From 1975 to 1979, the singer rented him one of her apartments on the top floor of his residence.

In 1979, he released his first 45 rpm entitled Mistress, mistress then a second one a year later, Come on and finally a third, It’s when the intermission. Unfortunately for him, the success is not at the rendezvous. It was only three years after releasing his first 45 that he had his first success with the song Femme que j’aime. After recording his first album Appelle-moi Brando in 1983, he performed as the opening act for shows by Linda de Suza and Michel Leeb at L’Olympia. Thanks to his titles Weep not and Papa singer taken from his second album, the star returns to success.

It was at the end of the 80s that the singer encountered a real slump. His fourth album went completely unnoticed and his two singles Do l’enfant d’eau and Parti sans laissez d’tendresse did not meet with the expected success.

After a serious slump in the 90s, Jean-Luc Lahaye returned to the front of the stage in 2004 in the TF1 program Retour Gagnant. The entertainment program spotlights singers who have had their heyday past. After performing two tracks, viewers must vote for their favorite artists. Jean-Luc Lahaye wins the most votes from viewers.

The same year, the singer released his eighth album entitled Gloria, the first name of his second daughter. Idol of young people in the 80s, he gave many concerts at the Olympia as well as a tour in France and Switzerland.

From 2009 to 2012, he participated in the show RFM Party 80, a musical tour of variety artists who sang hits in the 80s. In the process, he played in the film Stars 80, released in October 2012, in which he plays its own role.

On the heart side, the singer had two daughters, Margaux and Gloria with his ex-wife Aurélie.

In May 2019 on Michel Drucker’s Vivement dimanche program, Jean-Luc Lahaye made some very surprising revelations about his past. Before becoming the singer that we know, Jean-Luc Lahaye was the driver and bodyguard of the magazine leader Zizi Jeanmaire.

One evening, the star decides to borrow his car and not just any car since it was his Rolls Royce: “I borrowed his car. I had the keys, you tell me, huh. One evening when I accompanied her to Orly airport with her husband Roland Petit. (…) I went back to park the car in rue de Lille, where they had their beautiful house, then a crazy idea like that, I took the other car, the big English one you are talking about, whose initials are RR”.

After borrowing his employer’s car, the singer and his friends decided to go for a drink in Montmartre: “And I went for a walk in Montmartre. (…) And then, we had to drink a few too many shots and rue Gabriel, I missed the turn. (…) And the car, of course, I folded it, but entirely. The shock was incredibly violent”. Following this accident, he admits to having been fired by his employer since the car “looked like a Caesar compression”.