The car maker Fiat Chrysler wants to settle according to insiders, the dispute with the American Department of justice to the high exhaust gas emissions with the payment of more than $ 700 million. The are the equivalent of about 600 million euros.

This should be on Thursday officially announced, said three persons familiar with the issue told Reuters. Fiat Chrysler refused to demand a comment.

Volkswagen paid more than $ 25 billion

The United States before the American-Italian car maker to have emissions limits in the case of more than 100,000 Diesel vehicles with the help of a special Software bypassed. In the past, the group has denied wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Fiat Chrysler had been placed as a precautionary measure, money aside, to be able to in the case and the possible costs due to penalties field.

Fiat Chrysler has ensured the sale of Diesel vehicles in the United States with a Software Update. Volkswagen had to pay due to exhaust tampering in America, more than 25 billion dollars.