The green-and-black state government requires Volkswagen to 1400 cars for damages in the Wake of the diesel scandal. The announced lawsuit was filed at the end of the year at the regional court of Stuttgart, as a spokeswoman of the Ministry of Finance announced on Friday.

Secretary of state Gisela Splett (Green) said, on the complaint of the state budget code and the right of the green commit-and-black government, to be responsible and careful with the taxpayers ‘ money to deal. The country, therefore, compensation in the low two-digit million range for the claim. An exact sum was not disclosed.

The lawsuit relates to the country – for example, for the police –purchased and leased diesel vehicles, mainly from Volkswagen, isolated from Skoda. Volkswagen rejected in the past, and demands. The Details of the claim you do not know. The company is of the view that there is for claims of customers affected there is no legal basis, a spokesman said on Friday.