Dies José Luis de Carlos, the discoverer of The Frets, and producer Sabina, Morente, Rocío Jurado and Isabel Pantoja


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Discover The Frets, to produce the second album by Joaquin Sabina, “Bad company”, or the debuts of Enrique Morente and Kiko Veneno solo, are just some of the a lot of the achievements of José Luis de Carlos (Madrid, 1943), one of the producers most famous of the TWENTIETH century in our country. According to the musical EfeEme, Carlos has died this past night, while I slept, by causes which have not transpired, leaving behind a legacy of productions that are as extensive as bright.

Since the Earthquake of Jerez, Luis, Lolita Flores, Javier Ruibal, Diego Carrasco or Isabel Pantoja, passing by The River, the Chorbos or Manzanita, Carlos has been at the controls of recording on dozens of albums and songs of popular Spanish popular music. Thanks to his passion for flamenco shows also found to Enrique Morente and The Greek, whose unique sound is shaped with total genius on his first album, “Gipsy Rock” (1974).

Jose Luis de Carlos has worked with The River and Enrique Morente when you enter in the label Hispavox in the mid-sixties, and in 1967 he traveled to Tehran to study music thanks to a scholarship. The following year he traveled to New York, where he got to know Jimi Hendrix and immerse himself in the jazz circuit.

After his return to Spain in 1972, she came to work at CBS, where he worked with Cecilia , The Greek and The Chorbos , for which he coined the famous term “sound caño roto”. After would their jobs with Manzanita , Joaquín Sabina and Kiko Veneno .

In 1982, becomes briefly Hispavox and is put at the controls of the recording of the first album, Javier Ruibal , “Dune”, repeating with him four years later in “Celestial Body”. By then were already working with the company RCA, which creates a sublabel to find and promote new talents, called Nova5, that they pass through young artists such as the Rosary or Diego Carrasco.

One of their productions most important arrives in 1985, when he was hired by Isabel Pantoja to get the brightness to his album “Sailor of lights”. That year he also recorded “Heartbreaker” from The Fary .

In the nineties came the female trio Bambanis, Kiki Maya (son of Chango) and Yumitus (nephew of Peret), in addition to the well-known Dad Lift, Always well and Tomatito, but his most important work of the decade is to Rocío Jurado , with “As the wings of the wind”, in 1993. His last production was for the Are of the Sun, in 2004, and in recent years had done work for Sony Music.

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