On November 14, 2022, Les Inconnus will reform in Tous Inconnus, a fiction inspired by the most cult sketches of the comic trio which will be broadcast at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. Thus, viewers will have the pleasure of meeting Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus. But did you know that the Inconnus had five members at the start? Indeed, when they started in 1984, the band was originally called the Five and had comedians Smaïn and Seymour Brussel.

Smaïn launched his career as a comedian at the age of 22. In 1983, he joined the Théâtre de Bouvard team, a program broadcast at the time on Antenne 2 and hosted by Philippe Bouvard. It is thanks to this program that he will meet Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan, Pascal Légitimus and Seymour Brussel. In 1985, they went together to shoot a film called The Telephone Always Rings Twice. But the feature film is a failure. Shortly after, Smaïn decides to leave the group to launch his first one-man show entitled “A star is beur” and is a real success. He quickly became one of the rising stars of the comic scene in France. Since then, the comedian has regularly played his shows across France and has had many roles in cinema and television. He also started directing with the film Les deux papas et la mère (1996) in which he co-starred with Arielle Dombasle, Antoine de Caunes and Julie Gayet. In particular, he was a juror on the show La France has an incredible talent in 2009 and participated in Mask Singer in 2019.

Following Smaïn’s departure, the Five renamed themselves Cat Car and Co. In 1987, the quartet joined Europe 1 to host Les Inconnus de l’après-midi, the program that inspired the group’s final name. In 1988, Seymour Brussel in turn decided to leave the band to launch his solo career, but success was not forthcoming. He then put his acting career on hold and became an osteopath and bio-energetician. He is the author of several books on the theme of health (The self-healing body, Attention heals or Fear, origin of our illnesses). Always very close to his former acolytes, Seymour Brussel had the opportunity to get back on stage by offering a show that is both humorous and therapeutic entitled My patience has limits.