as the Sound is, there is so much that we didn’t have to think about it. While there are, however, plenty of reasons for me to do so, as it turns out, from The power of audio . A book with sound engineer Cedric the English language as a call to be disturbing and harmful noise as much as possible, to be removed, but also to pay attention to the fascinating side of it. Because of that, it is definitely there.

SEE ALSO is.One day, when the children go to school and sit on a terrace: as loud as it is to us for everyday life (+)

domestic Hot water sound different than cold water.

you can Test it again. Please, someone, anyone, a bag of cold, and a bag of hot water in them while you get the hands to the eyes. You can tell easily which one is the hot water. The reason for this is that the viscosity or the stroperigheid of cold water is higher than that in the hot water. You don’t see that at the out of the cold and warm honey, for example – but you can hear it all the same. Cold, water, sound is slower than that of a harder sound to it.”

do you Hear the difference between the hot and cold water. *The solution at the bottom of this article.

Not every door has the same sound, and there’s a reason for that.

“There has clearly been thought through. The manufacturers have designers who are only concerned with how a car should sound like. Once that is moving, but the sound of a dichtklappende the door. Because of you, I mainly want that sound, you will have a safe and secure atmosphere. Especially in the trucks from the top it should sound like you are in safe hands. In the cars they choose, so that you can have a bright sound to it. Audi is even the sound, so you can also see the opening of the glove box door should be a sound.”

urban birds sing one note higher.

“Research has shown that in birds, the frequency of tsjilpen or singing will change depending on the environment in which they live. The birds that are living in the city, tsjilpen, for example, is higher pitched and louder than that of their counterparts in the rural areas. Otherwise, they’re not.”

“Newborn infants can see, not much, except for the spots. But it’s the ear is on the other hand, as well as all the way down, when we are born. Even in the womb, we can hear it already. Research has shown that the heart rate of the fetus increase slightly, as the music is being played. Myself, I work with my pregnant wife often has a song by Eefje de Visser on. When my son was born, he was the calm of that song.”

do you have a baby? With this test you’ll know within the next two minutes, no matter how old your ears are.

Video: AsapScience

Music influences your taste.

“Chefs are thinking as well about the music they have in their restaurant’s play. From the Bittersweet Study, from the university of Oxford showed that the subjects hear a sound with a higher frequency of karamelsnoepjes, if it is sweet , described above. They heard the sound of a lower frequency, given the same candy in the punch < / i> rather bitterly, .”

Sad music is like breast feeding.

“According to the study of music and emotion are connected to each other. When we listen to music we like to hear that, it’s in your brain, releases substances such as dopamine. That will give us an instant feel-good. For anyone who is down and depressive the music choose to play something else. It is supported in his perception, the musician is a supporter. The feeling of a shelter shall ensure that the same hormone released when the baby’s chest to get it.”

Yanny vs Laurel, and other geluidsillusies

the sound went round the world as some of Yanny and others, Voltaire heard of it. *Spoiler*: it is in fact Laurel.

in the Video: “rr”

Spookwoorden: There are none, but the more you listen, the more you might hear. In English, subjects would, among other things, ‘no brain’, ‘window’, ‘raincoat’, ‘mango’, and ‘Broadway’ you have heard of it.

Video: Youtube

note that In this experiment, Diana Deutsch, you hear how the spoken phrase, as long enough to repeat, a melody that seems to get it. The more you listen, the more you have of a song that seems to belong in a place of repeating the spoken phrase.

The second clip in the video at the top, it was one of the hot water that is being poured. In the beginning, you can hear the cold water.

” The power of sound is at Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 22,99 euro.