Diazöse Lugano – Ticino priests because of sexual abuse verhaftetAn Pentecost, the 50-year-old clergy was arrested after questioning. Against him being investigated for suspicion of desecration.0 comment views in a Church in Lugano: a priest of the diocese of Lugano is a punishable offence?Photo: Keystone

A 50-year-old priest of the diocese of Lugano is on Saturday evening due to the suspicion of sexual abuse arrested. This is the Bishop of Lugano, Valerio Lazzeri said, on Pentecost Sunday convened media conference.

Shortly after the media conference, the Bishop, the Ticino Prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrest of a priest in a message. This was on Saturday after an interrogation.

the Bishop had

learn is Determined according to the Prosecutor’s office because of the desecration, so a violation of article 191 of the criminal code. This is “Who is incapable of judgement or resistance, has the disabled Person in regard to their condition to sexual intercourse, abuse of a sexual act similar to intercourse or any other sexual act, shall be punished with imprisonment up to ten years or to a monetary penalty.”

As Bishop Lazzeri said, was delivered the priest directly after the initiation of the criminal investigation of his duties in his parish. The Bishop personally was at the 11. March, by a third Person of the possible abuse incident know. He informed the competent Commission of experts of the diocese, which began its work and after the initial investigations the case of the Ticino Prosecutor’s office is found. Due to the Coronavirus, the procedure took longer than expected.

Bishop Valerio Lazzeri informed at a press conference on Sunday about the arrest.Photo: Keystone

Further Details were not known, only that the alleged case of abuse happened in front of five to six years, and it has to be a single incident. The diocese and Bishop Lazzeri are now waiting for the results of the criminal investigation.

the observer evaluate the personal appearance of Bishop Valerio Lazzeri as a clear sign that the diocese is going on knows in cases of sexual abuse, no tolerance and decided. The expert Commission of the diocese had been established a few years ago and now came for the first time. Bishop Lazzeri described the media conference as a “sign of transparency”.


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