The most talked-about transfer of Mbaye Diagne Club Brugge in the field and still have some money laid on it. In the rush to Anderlecht on the way, but as a last resort for the blue-and-black-and-chose, but one or the other in the Croky Cup on the field, Francs Borains over to the side, reached for Percy Tau.

Francs Borains-End 0 – 3 Club Brugge and Report Layouts, Diagne played for Club Brugge until now, 17 minutes into the Champions League, according to, against his ex-club: Galatasaray), a 3-minute in the league against Club Brugge and is now 45 minutes away in the league cup at Francs Borains.

In doing was to Balanta in the first half, although injured, can be switched on by Sobol.

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