The German football League (DFL) has warned the international federations to expand their competitions and game days on the weekend. “Should be crossed this red line, then we must also consider legal steps. You (weekends/d. Red.) the heart chambers of the football. It would not be acceptable, if by such measures, the entire national football structure would be shaken to the core. And that would be it,“ said DFL managing Director Christian Seifert on Tuesday on the new year’s reception of the DFL in Frankfurt.

Anno Hecker

editor responsible for sports.

F. A. Z.

He was referring to rumored plans by the European football Union (Uefa) and the International football Federation (Fifa): “We assess the potential for further escalating the competition of ideas is very critical,” said Seifert.

In contrast to his speech a year ago on the same occasion, he praised the development of the League. At the time, Seifert was criticized, among other things, the services of the clubs beneath the Champions League. On Tuesday, he paid tribute to a good half a year after the Disaster of the national team in Russia, the German football Association (DFB) great respect for its work in the second half of the year. With a view to the success in the election to the European championship in 2024 Seifert thanked in particular, DFB President Reinhard Grindel for the “very good” application. The assessment evaluated Grindel towards this newspaper as a sign of a “good professional”.

The DFL had considered the state associations to 2016, the DFB-top-of-the upscale Grindel initially critical. Parallel to the world Cup, the criticism from the Bundesliga inflamed the 58-year-old Hamburger. Since then the DFB was awarded the contract for the EM, sit Grindel back in the saddle. In the fall, he wants to run for the next term. A counter-candidacy.