Four days after the failure of the government’s pilot in Malawi, the machine will fly in on Friday morning to Zambia. But the Relief is only short: As the to take 5000 of Ndola from the home trip to Germany, comes a grayish smoke from one of the engines. Then the announcement: a new Defect, which makes a further flight impossible. Federal development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) and his Delegation have to reschedule: “We have to help ourselves now and fly back with the African lines,” says Müller. To wait again for a repair is no longer an Option.

The plane initially remained on Monday with a defective valve on the bottom, as Müller wanted to fly to the first stop of his Africa trip to Malawi to Zambia. With a small Propeller plane, the Minister made it in time for political talks in the capital, Lusaka, and other parts of the program but had to be deleted overturned. After Zambia and even Namibia was planned, but this visit should be rescheduled at a later date.

the repair, in Malawi, was not without some bad luck and breakdowns: One from Germany flown in genes crew of Mechanics arrived on Wednesday in Lilongwe, but the necessary spare parts in Johannesburg and only came on Thursday. According to the assessment of Minister Müller of the breakdowns and delays in repairs have damaged the Image of the “Made in Germany” in Africa significantly. “This chain of technical problems must now be thoroughly worked up,” he said on Friday in Ndola (Zambia) prior to the return trip. Originally the return flight Miller from Africa was already planned for Thursday – but from Namibia.