The Morning after is actually everything as always. Oliver Neukamm rises a little after 7 in the train from Wandsworth to London, he always does so in order to avoid commuter flows. About 30 minutes he needs from his apartment in the southwest of the financial metropolis in the city center, this Wednesday, he comes through quickly as usual.

Then he remembers the night before: How he and his colleagues were watching the vote on the Brexit Deal. As Prime Minister, Theresa May, a devastating defeat for import. As the expected disappointment, coupled with the astonishment of how a country itself be dismantled. And how all this also relates to him: Oliver Neukamm is not German, a British passport he has.

For almost exactly two years Neukamm as EU-citizens unmolested in London. The twenty-nine years of working in the recruitment industry, together with a Briton, the two plug feels just right in the purchase process for an apartment – Neukamm in the city and plans to stay for a while. He says he got lucky: “My employer supports me and would also take care of a visa, if necessary.”

a No-Deal-Brexit, the unregulated withdrawal of Britain from the EU, he does not believe anyway. “Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I hope that all Involved know what the would”.