Inflation affects the daily life of the French at all levels. Faced with such a drop in their purchasing power, many of them are no longer able to shop in the same way as before. Indeed, receipts are getting longer while the bank account is shrinking and many households have thus changed their consumption habits.

First price products, reduced quantities, consumers have taken drastic measures so that their wallets can last for an entire month. These savings are therefore made on all products, including laundry, which offers different types of products with a wide variety of quality and price.

In general, there are three different kinds of detergents, powder, liquid, or capsule. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types according to the UFC-Que Choisir:

When it comes to price, the French are turning more to washing powder lately. Indeed, packaged in large quantities, it would have better value for money than the other two.