The German export economy, in spite of the Brexits and international trade conflicts cautiously optimistic for the current year. “We … go out in spite of the high probability of a disorderly Brexits that German exports can grow this year up to three percent,” said the President of the foreign trade Association BGA, Holger Bing man, the newspaper “die Welt” (Wednesday). In the year 2020, the Export will grow by up to 3.5 percent.

Even a minor Brexit could cost Germany 0.3 to 0.5 percentage points from gross domestic product. In principle, the Constitution of the world economy was robust enough to secure for German exporters. “Everywhere in the world, will continue to be built, invested, and especially consumed,” said Bing man.

“The Situation is not a crisis. We expect, therefore, that we have this year, through a valley, but that it is not relatively quickly, even a bit better if the open issues and risks escalate or not be realized. We expected already by 2020, a slight recovery.“