He buy no Ski more, but ill only says on the boards is quite talented buddy. So namely he could change during the holiday time, when the snow conditions change. The idea has, of course, something for yourself. For the fast moments on the rolled surface to buckle, to stay in the home, Volkl, racetiger and the avalanche secure the lower edge of the Piste a wide RTM. Of course, the same Crux applies to the equipment hire such as when gejazzten car-sharing: It is always want all the Same at the same Moment. And you can never get used to your own device.

Holger Appel

editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

it is probably a mid golden to compete in the Straubinger manufacturer Völkl fill this season with the new model Deacon. We find the name of unsexy, but it is known for its inner values. The Deacon sends the Code on the old part, which was yet to for versatile Piste. From the Code of the Deacon stands by its 3D Glass design together with the wood core and metal layer, a glass fiber layer, which is inserted in the middle of a classic flat, in the direction of the tail, however, the perpendicular sidewalls of three-dimensional around is folded, what should be the stability. Power tail full, into the ice pack and at the same time a softer, easier to enforce bending the middle of the target with a carefully thought-out material had been use, says Völkl. And the rigidity of the put rock shovel should allow in a duet with the vibration lag-free turn-in.

Indeed, this Ski is much more pleasant than the Code and is placed in the competitive comparison in the top group. He was impressed with the stability and turning joy of a freshly prepared morning track as well as pushed together the hill in the afternoon. The effort required is relatively low, which is likely to especially fifty weeks in the year, from skiing only dreams flatland tyroleans for the benefit of the. Who is equipped with a reasonably usable skills, will be pleased with the brisk pace with confidence giver Deacon. We stopped 96 km/h.