An emblematic figure of French television, Denise Fabre had made the heyday of the ORTF and TF1 as an announcer. On August 14, 1979, while she was in duplex from Gruyère during the television news, the star of the small screen had been taken by a giggle which had earned her a three-week layoff. “I’m never going to get there,” she explained live.

In May 2021, France 2 devoted a report to all the speakerines of the time. During the broadcast of this documentary at 8 p.m. on the channel, Denise Fabre returned to this unusual misadventure. “I received memos with my giggles, saying do you want to explain to me the reason for your giggles from so much to such an hour?”, she said and added: “How do you want to explain a giggle? It’s not possible”.

In an interview with France Info, the ex-speakerine had given more details on the circumstances of her mythical laughter. “One evening, there was a drunken party and one of the sports journalists had started to pull down his pants, you can see his underpants. I’m coming and I had to announce mass in Gruyère. Everyone was dying of laughter, me too , they left us in the image and once the newspaper was finished I had three weeks of layoff“, she explained.

In recent years, the star has gradually moved away from television to devote himself to a career in politics. In 2020, she was in last position on Christian Estrosi’s list in the municipal elections. What does she look like today?