a racing Cyclist Stefan Denifl and cross-country skiers find Max to Be formally accused of doping by the Austrian ministry of justice. That is, the public prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck on Monday have been announced. The Austrians had already been suspended for blood doping in the case of Aderlass.

The 31-year-old Stefan Denifl has been accused of doping, from June 2014, and by the end of 2018. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he found his sponsors have been tricked by € 500,000 income to spend on illicit substances, mostly hormones. For the rider who would risk up to ten years in prison. Max, That (27) was completed by the end of February, the world CHAMPIONSHIP of nordic skiing in Austria’s Seefeld in jail. That was then, when caught red-handed during a blood transfusion.

Stefan Denifl. Photo: EPA, EFE,

Denifl and to Be given this summer to a four-year suspension. In the case of Aderlass, revolves around a German doctor, Mark Schmidt. That was the end of February, was arrested at his government, in Erfurt. It was to be a dopingnetwerk up with at least 21 athletes from eight nations and five sports were involved. (the eu position).

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