it was worth It, he says, and for that conclusion with the Demands of people who consider themselves successful or are not. Eight years: Enough time to reconsider its position on the hip-hop in the age to MTV. Dendemann has re-made the music with the beginners, Casper, Trettmann, Teutila, the friends from then and now. “I’m not!” is the name of the Album after “From the Vintage gone with the wind”, with whom he met in 2010, a nerve, and it is so different, how hip hop is different than it was then.

Elena Witzeck

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

in November, the Single “turned up No slogans” on Youtube and Spotify, the Mutterings in size. The massive Beat, the rhyme, is it not in the way you wanted it? Dende, the word artist under the German rappers, doubters, troublemakers, sounds like one that is told in the subway between two stations of his rehab, the sooner Schnauzer, today, blonde, processed in a dozen Songs: “Just as naked as I feel”. Dendemann says: “After such a long time is also deceptive feelings are there, of course.” Dende sings: “All I want is to finally want nothing more”.

the big thing

What is the Rapper wants to understand, there was a reason for these eight years. He had to fiddle around until everything fit. That Album is kind of a necessary Evil if you want to go on a big Tour, once there occur, where one has never occurred. When in doubt silence the voices that plague him now, says Dendemann: “I was not copied, at least not in a way that you need me.”

The beauty of it is, he says, that ever the people have decided. Never was clear whether he would still hit a nerve, as now in the comments columns of Youtube. “No slogans” so. Dendemann, twenty years ago, as a Fat bread and Fanta are Four of the German hip-hop civil and mitsingbar umdeuteten, with DJ bully the Duo Eins Zwo-founded, (“cap wrong, mind 12 o’clock and Wallabee Slippers”) by the clock pulse galloped, and later, a Generation brought social criticism to conjugate (“I schwimmte, sponge and schwomm”), never with other fairs and geeks do: He puts himself in Position now. He wants to make “the big thing”. Not a Rap has to be political, but Dende. Finally Message, comment on the people.

While actually in Position? Against the mood and their silent supporters, says Dendemann. Against the laziness, the doubts, the voices that only he hears. Against the habit, to be on a cold winter afternoon into the soft pillows. So a Rapper with a tweed jacket, hoodie and cap in a Salon, “The Grand Bar” at the Alexanderplatz, where the crumbling plaster of the wall and the chandelier in the corridor, a monument from the Patina of 1842. Dendemann says Smoking, the arms on the thighs supported: “There is hardly anyone who is a political triple rossener than I, I’m the bad example.” He sings from the adjustable backbone. And: “If democracy cursed your blessings, not more, however, is probably enough”.