as for Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.s. House Tuesday night announced that the Democratic party is a impeachmentonderzoek starting at the president, Donald Trump. The decision comes after a very controversial call in which He, in July, the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski. Would He Zelenski, under pressure, to release any information about the range of plant to search for.

“He is clearly in violation of the law,” said Pelosi, during a statement at any time. “The president must act according to the law. No one is above the law.”

She was referring to a telephone conversation, that He on the 25th of July with Zelenski, in which He repeated would have called for an investigation of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. Eight-time, according to the Wall Street Journal. The son of Biden is, according to Trump, is involved in the forced removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office. He told Zelenski, also to discuss it with his attorney, Rudolph Giuliani.

Shortly before, had been the u.s. Home to over 400 million dollars in military aid to Ukraine will be frozen. That is not to be reached during the telephone call. However, the question is whether or not He is on, which means Zelenski pressured in order to release any information about the range of plant at the top to search for. It is very sensitive to: Biden is well on his way to the Trumps major contender for the Us presidential election of 2020.

Were the Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, until recently, die-hard opponents to start-up of a impeachmentprocedure, we had that in the past few hours, after understanding more and more of the details on the phone call between Zelenski, and Home. Campaigners Joe Biden made Tuesday afternoon is already clear that the Offer in favour of the impeachmentprocedure at the start, should He continue to refuse to be a transcript of the call will be free-to-view. Elizabeth Warren, a leading uitdaagster of Biden for the Democratic nomination, said that the event was already the “the definitive proof that there will be an immediate impeachmentprocedure at Home will need to be restarted”. To be a Senator and a presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, was called Home to be “the most corrupt president in modern history” and said he hoped that the impeachmentprocedure would have to be restarted.


In an attempt to bring the controversy to the head, and had been Home Tuesday night announced that it is prepared to be a verbatim transcript of the phone call is free. Earlier in the day, the Us president, has already admitted that he will be there at Zelenski, indeed, had already threatened to use the military to help keep from freezing. According to Trump, which had nothing to do with the poke of a smear campaign against Biden, but he did it “out of frustration, due to the fact that Europe contributes to military assistance to Ukraine”.

He responded a few hours before, on the impeachmentprocedure. In the building of the United Nations general assembly in New York, he spoke of a “witch-hunt”. “This is ridiculous, this is not a witch-hunt. I’m at the top in the polls, so the only thing the Dems can think of to get me to stop is to get me off. Never before has an American president, this will happen to you. Nonsense,” said He. If the transcript is there, everyone will be able to see that it is perfectly legitimate to call is that there’s nothing wrong with it.”

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Following the announcement of the start of the procedure, responded to the president via Twitter: “a very important day at the United Nations, with so much work and so much success, and the Democrats have decided to put it all back in and down to catch up with some more breaking news for a witch-hunt stuff. Is very bad for our country.” He followed that post up with a few tweets in which he talked about “the presidential intimidation,” and said, “She’s the transcript of the phone call, not even once. A total witch hunt!”

a Little cover-up?

now, the question Remains how to cover-up an attempt at impeachment would have been. Even if He “impeached” in the House, and it is only two-thirds of the senators to agree to the removal of the president. In the Senate, have Trumps of Republican party members and a majority of the votes. In addition, it is recommended that a broad segment of the American public to impeachment calls. But America is deeply divided, and the Democrats would like that, He will be turned off.

the Important detail is that on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations, has a Home on Wednesday for a meeting with the Zelenski. The Ukrainian head of state said in an interview with Voice of America that he is looking forward to a “very warm meeting”.
More about the United States is Home to the UN: “our hope is that we have in our power to never have to use the” adoptive parents, let little daughter (9), because “she’s a grown woman with a stunted growth, who would kill to be France, Germany and the United Kingdom to hold Iran responsible for the droneaanval in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Two of the missiles to strike at the American embassy in Baghdad