defense minister Antti Kaikkonen (kesk.) according to the armed Forces began to pay for military to-day money in addition to the food money, the amount of which is 13,50 euro per day. Kaikkonen told yle’s morning interview on Thursday.

Kaikkonen said that the food money get them conscripts, who have a week day vacation at home or are forced to spend the holidays than in the barracks.

the Change is temporary.

the armed Forces has changed the servicemen with the holiday practices of the corona virus epidemic due to. The armed forces has been decided, inter alia, that the garrison by a third of the employed is at a time a week on vacation and then two weeks in the service.

military of a normal day the money is staggered service time according to. 1-165 days serving on it is 5.15 euro, 166-255 days serving on to 8.60 euros and 256-347 days of service in 12 euros.

the Military do not see a “hard pipe” barricade

the Government decided to present on Wednesday to a new country for strict movement restrictions the corona virus epidemic to prevent the spread of. Restriction enforcement, the police, and the Military has said he was ready to give control of the assistance.

Kaikkonen said that it assumed that the letters rogatory coming from the police this during the day. Kaikkonen told reporters that police told today more detail about how it intends to carry out supervision.

Kaikkonen, according to the Military could help the police, for example, traffic control in. Reservists will not be, at least at this stage called a post-aputehtävä’s.

– military forces, we are able this time to quickly and flexibly handle.

see you at the barricade by the military with ”hard pipe”?

– Not see, because we don’t need weapons. This is just other means. The army is here, too, encounter the society of friends, we do not need in itself to make any big numbers, Kaikkonen stressed.

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