Decline of 3.5 percent – Still more than 13’000 nuclear weapons in the World in the number of nuclear warheads by 2019 worldwide decreased slightly, but according to the Swedish peace researchers, the nine-atom had powers to modernise its Arsenal.All nine nuclear weapons States intend to maintain, according to the Swedish peace researchers to their arsenals: Russia is testing a long-range missile. (Archive image)Keystone/Russian Defence Ministry Press service, Pakistan presented at an exhibition of the missile Shaheen II, Keystone/Akhtar SoomroNordkorea regularly conducts missile tests.Keystone/Ahn Young-joon1 / 3

Also, almost three decades after the end of the Cold war there are still more than 13’000 nuclear weapons on earth. The total number of nuclear warheads in the possession of the nuclear powers, went back in 2019, but by around 3.5 percent to an estimated 13’400.

This is evident from the on Monday published the annual report of the Stockholm peace research Institute Sipri. However, the atom will be attached to arsenals growing importance, warned the peace researcher. All the atom had powers to modernise their nuclear weapons, it said.

It appear so, that all nine nuclear weapons States wanted to hold on to their arsenals for an indefinite period of time, said the Sipri expert Shannon Kile in addition to the DPA news Agency. Russia and the United States, the besässen together still, more than 90 percent of the nuclear warheads, would be given to nuclear weapons in their military plans for new and bigger roles, he said. This corresponds to even a change in trend compared to the period after the Cold war. “What worries us, is the growing importance of nuclear weapons,” said Kile in this regard.