Decision of the Executive Council – Zurich schools are allowed to re-class storage to run the government has adjusted its recommendations for educational institutions. School festivals, trips and camps are permitted.0 comment Zurich schools may again perform a class of bearings.Photo: Getty

The government revised its decisions regarding the Corona-measures: educational institutions are allowed to perform events such as school festivals, trips and camps, say it in a media release. The sanitation and clearance rules need to be adhered to as before.

The government has updated the cantonal regulations, after the Federal government has adapted the basic principles for the classroom teaching of the compulsory and post-compulsory schooling schools.

Moreover, should adults not directly involved in the operation of the school are involved, in Zurich on the Premises of schools, colleges and universities. In the compulsory schools, this applies not only to celebrate certain occasions such as parents ‘ evenings or statements. Also, the meals at schools and universities orienting their company in the force protection concept of gastronomy.

No Changes to the Gymis, and vocational schools – there continues to be a distance of two meters must be maintained. Therefore, the teaching takes place only in small groups.


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