Debate ends in 2020 – Longer-Brexit-the transition phase is from the TischDie British government remains hard. To avoid a hard break, must be made by the end of the year, an agreement between the UK and the EU.0 KommentareMaros Sefcovic in Brussels: “in my view, this is definitely the end of the debate.”. (12. June 2020) Reuters/Kenzo Tribouillard

According to estimates by the EU Commission, there is no extension of the Brexit-the transition phase through the end of the year.

the United Kingdom have reaffirmed on Friday in the meeting of the competent body be no to an extension of the deadline, said Vice-President Maros Sefcovic. “In my view, this is definitely the end of the debate.”

in order for the pressure to get to the end of the year, an agreement on the future relations between the UK and the EU, established growing. The UK was left at the end of January from the EU, but remains in a transition phase in the EU internal market and the customs Union. The EU was an extension of the deadline in order to have more time for negotiations. The United Kingdom applies but for months strictly. No agreement is achieved in the transition phase, a tough economic break with customs and other trade-is expected to be barriers.

video conference with Johnson planned

Sefcovic said he had stressed that the EU place to stay for a extension to open. But it could not have been any British negotiator, Michael Gove, in his rejection clearer, added Sefcovic. Gove did this on the grounds that the British citizens it was been given as a promise in the election campaign. He had made the attitude of the British government very, very clearly.

Gove said on Twitter that he had confirmed in conversation with Sefcovic “formally”, that the UK will not prolong the transitional phase. “We are on 1. January 2021 retrieve the control, and our political and economic independence win again,” wrote Gove.

It was the last regular meeting of the Joint Committee of the European Union and great Britain, before the Option to renew expires at the end of the month. Would be possible after the withdrawal of the Treaty with great Britain, a one-time extension of one or two years.

In the United Kingdom shall adopt the tough stance of the British government is open to criticism. The heads of government of the British parts of the country, Scotland and Wales, Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford, had declared, not to prolong the transitional phase, was in the Coronavirus pandemic is “extremely ruthless”.

the leaders of The EU have agreed for Monday, and a video conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to draw up an interim balance sheet to the negotiations on a trade and partnership agreements. Both sides agree that, so far, little has been achieved.

(SDA / sep)

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