Zaynab Ansari, six years old, disappeared on may 4. January 2018. Your family reported you missing to the police. Five days later, a policeman found a child’s body on a trash heap in the city of Kasur, five kilometers from the border with India. Riots broke out in the 360.000 inhabitants of the city. Finally, the twelfth girl had been raped in the past twelve months in Kasur and the surrounding area and murdered was Zainab.

there Was possibly a serial killer at work? And why the police and government had done anything for a long time? Fear and anger broke out among the people in Kasur. There were violent protests across the country. “Justice for Zainab” was the battle cry of the protesters. They demanded an end to the violence against girls and women – and tougher action by the state against law-breakers. The Nobel peace prize laureate Malala Yousafzai said: “This must stop!” Celebrities called for education about abuse and the prosecution of offenders.

Zainab was, this was revealed by the investigation, on the way to lessons close to your parents ‘ house been kidnapped. Her parents were on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia on the road to Zainab an aunt took care of. On the Video of a surveillance camera was to see how the girl with a Stranger was walking along the street. As a result, the police were able to reconstruct their way.

In summary proceedings, sentenced to death

a Further four days later, on 13. January, resulted in DNA samples from the crime scene, that it actually had to do with always the same offender. A DNA mass testing was arranged and led to the success: A 24-Year-old named Imran Ali was arrested. He confessed to several murders. Because of public pressure, Ali was in summary proceedings on 12. February sentenced to death. He failed in several instances to challenge the verdict, and last week, President Arif Alvi rejected a plea for mercy.

Ali was executed at dawn on Wednesday in a prison in Lahore to death on the gallows. An officer and a doctor were at the execution, as well as Mohammed Amin Ansari, father of Zainab, as well as an uncle. Ansari subsequently told journalists that he was “satisfied”. “The murderer has received his just punishment,” he said. He and his wife were destroyed since the murder of their daughter on the floor. “Zainab would have been seven years and two months old. He has taken us.” Out of concern before riots, the police had cordoned off the prison in Lahore, spacious, as well as in Parts of the city, enhanced safety and placed in the post.

Ali’s body was handed over to his family on Wednesday in Kasur buried. Before his execution, Ali had been allowed to receive a visit from a total of 57 members.

From 2008 to 2015, was in Pakistan, a Moratorium on the death penalty. After a terrorist attack by extremists on a school with dozens of slain students, the government lifted this Moratorium. Since then, several hundred people have been executed. Human rights organisations in Pakistan are protesting regularly against the death penalty.