It was a mild Sunny day like two weeks ago. In the cemetery of El Palo was buried at noon on Sunday, the little coffin by Julen at the side of his brother Óliver. On Saturday morning at 1.25 o’clock, miners had discovered the corpse of the two-year-old in a borehole in 71 meters depth close to the mountain village of Totalán above Málaga. For almost two weeks more than 300 helper were looking for the boy. Until recently, the parents do not want to give up the hope of finding him alive. Your son Óliver, on the side Julen is resting now, had died from a failure of 2017, with nearly three years to a sudden heart. Hundreds of Mourners thronged on Sunday in front of the gate of the cemetery in Malága. Some had balloons with the name of the boy.

Hans-Christian Rößler

Political correspondent for the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghreb, with its headquarters in Madrid.

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Julens father José tour prepared during the Sunday on 13. January a Paella before, as Julen was gone at once: He crashed into an illegally drilled a 25-centimeter-wide hole that was only secured provisionally with stones. On the same afternoon, one of the largest and most complicated Salvage operations in Spain’s history began. At the end of the rescuers wore half a mountain, moving soil, the could more than fill 34 swimming pools and drilled a 60-Meter deep rescue shaft. But the eight miners who had to blow up at the end of the last almost four meters to Julen for the part, came too late.

it is Unclear yet, why the hole was open

For nearly two weeks, there had been no sign of life from the young, the search teams have not exactly been able to locate. First, doubts were raised as to whether the Boy was ever plunged into the hole. The post-mortem on Saturday then brought a startling clarity. After the first results of the Young had fallen in free fall, with the feet 71 feet deep in the well hole down. Julen was died on the day of the disaster to injury, such a fall is typical, reported the Spanish press. He was apparently a severe head injury. It is unclear why he was at the bottom of the hole spilled, which were 110 feet deep. Investigators suspect that it may have been filled prior to the accident with debris. In the fall Julens and in the first desperate rescue attempt of his family could be solved, then another ground from the porous walls and the boy have buried.