He will forever remain a film legend. This Monday, September 6, Jean-Paul Belmondo died at the age of 88 in his home, as announced by his lawyer to AFP. “He had been very tired for some time. He passed away quietly,” said Me Godest to our colleagues.

With the disappearance of this great actor, the whole of France mourns one of its sacred monsters of the seventh art. Since the announcement of his death, tributes have been linked in the media. From anonymous to celebrities, to the top of the executive branch. “He will forever remain The Magnificent. Jean-Paul Belmondo was a national treasure, all in panache and bursts of laughter, loud talker and agile body, sublime hero and familiar figure, tireless daredevil and magician of words. him, we all found each other,” said President Emmanuel Macron through his Twitter account.

While the Élysée has announced the holding of a national tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, scheduled for Thursday, September 9 at the Invalides, the public will be able to come and gather to salute the memory of the great Bébel. According to our colleagues from RTL, registers will also be made available to write a few words to this sacred monster of French cinema.

The opportunity for the admirers of the actor to leave their best memories of the actor. With more than 80 films to his credit, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s career has been punctuated with legendary roles that have left their mark on the French. And in particular thanks to his memorable lines which have moved or made millions of spectators laugh at the cinema or on television.

As evidenced by the reactions of some Internet users who revealed their favorite lines on social networks. Planet has selected 10 quotes for you to review in the slideshow above.