Death of George Floyd – Roger Federer shows solidarity with the protests of The Swiss tennis crack protest on Twitter and Instagram with a black image and the Hashtag #blackout Tuesday against violence and trigger reactions. Nils hänggi, Roger Federer on Instagram and Twitter a political Statement. Photo: keystone, so he triggers a variety of reactions – from Coco Gauff, the US mega talent. You said in the last few days repeated in no uncertain terms the killing of Floyd, wrote under the picture of Federer: “When you’re done: Inform yourself. It is no longer “is not over when the topic of trendet””photo: screenshot photo: Screenshot1 / 4

The protests and riots don’t move after the death of George Floyd, only the United States. World’s athletes are doing in the Social media on racial discrimination, solidarity with the protests.

for example, Roger Federer. He delivered on Tuesday evening a Social-Media-channels-on-black. As a sign of support for the protests against the killing of the U.S.-African-American George Floyd and racist police violence in the United States Federer, like millions of other users post a black Square on Instagram and Twitter. It provides with the Hashtag #blackout Tuesday.

US-mega talent reacted

It is a clear sign. A sign, this is the opinion of Federer’s clearly shows. After all, “Blackout Tuesday” is the name of the Initiative, which has sprung from the music industry and the movement of “the Black count Lives Matter” (“Black life”) wants to support. Alone on Instagram have come together by Tuesday evening, more than 14 million Posts.

And Federer’s Post caused a reaction. Many of his Fans and Followers was followed by his example, posted a black image is provided with the Protest Hashtag. And Cori Gauff, the 16-year-old American mega-talent, wrote under the Post of the Swiss: “When you’re done: Inform yourself. It is no longer “is not over when the topic of trendet””. Also you linked to the Homepage of the “Black Lives Matter”movement.

Zakaria, summer, Hischier …

Federer is not the only Swiss athlete who joined the protests solid. Stan Wawrinka posted a black Square, as the national team players Yann Sommer, Denis Zakaria and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Also on the channels of Roman Josi, Nico Hischier and Kevin Fiala, the Hashtag and the black image appeared. And that’s not all: Mujinga Kambundji, Daniela Ryf, Lara gut-Behrami and Andy Schmid other Swiss athletes protested against the racism Problem.