With the retirement age? That means that, for many people, as quickly as possible, with the flip and all the activities all the way to say goodbye. That drastic change of course does not apply to the thousands of volunteers who, on behalf of the right property for you to bet for people living with a chronic illness, those in need of care and their informal carers. “We don’t take a vacation, but a vacation,” says nurse Sweet Spillebeen (66) is on the verge of a zorgtrip in the direction of the Black Forest in germany.

the Lady knew at the age of thirteen, that all of the actions in the health care sector wanted to work for. “The nurse of the children’s well-being – and now, Child, and Family, our times at home, visited it, it intrigued me. In her job, I was all the way in.”

now, my Dear, is added the action to the word, and, after graduating from college of nursing to work in the Izegemse St Jozefskliniek. “I can look back on a very varied and interesting career. If I could redo, I chose the same career path. What could be better than to care for those who need them?”, it evaluates its more than thirty-eight-year-long career.

the Lady went on in her studies to be in contact with a CM of health Care – now more commonly known as the right property for you. “I just went along with several other class mates as a part of my rare vacation in order to ziekenzorgreizen guide”, it could be that.

“People will be assisting you in one of the genes. A lot of people who are chronically ill, and people with a disability, have no adequate guidance, and care for, not even a holiday, has to be considered. Actually, it is enough to put you in the position to identify the needs and think about what you would like when you are in their situation.”