“Dear Class of 2020” – closing ceremony with Obama, no solemn ceremony in front of friends and families, for a multi-hour Live Event, with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Michelle and Barack Obama: this year’s College and high school graduates were honored with a Online Party of a different kind.0 comments

Stars such as Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and Shawn Mendes, and Michelle and Barack Obama have congratulated in an Online graduation ceremony this year’s high school and College graduates in the United States. “You have something Remarkable has been achieved”, said the singer Alicia Keys at the on Sunday via a YouTube broadcast, the spectacle, in which all Stakeholders reported via pre-recorded Video messages to word. “It was a tough week, a tough month and a tough year, and I don’t know that it feels right now, as there is much to celebrate. But it is OK if you are just not OK to feel.”

An Online graduation ceremony in the middle of a pandemic and mass protests against racism and police brutality was probably not what had hoped for the students, said singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. “But expect the Unexpected and celebrates anyway.” Singer Beyoncé has congratulated the graduates. “You are everything, what the world needs now.”

The former First Lady of USA, Michelle Obama said, the United States experienced a “important time of Transition”. “Even in difficult times, you give me more hope. You will be exactly what we need right now. You have so quickly learned so much and I know that you can make it not only better than the generations before, but that you will also make it better.”

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