This is a very different world economic forum in Davos, because unexpectedly many a bed in overbooked place to become free again: From America, no politician will be there, the budget dispute. President Donald Trump, who had self-cancelled before a few days of his trip in Switzerland, now wants to send out of solidarity with the 800 000 “great” employees that are not currently being paid, no Minister in the mountains. Emmanuel Macron, his colleague from France, has also a lot of Stress in one’s own country and traveling. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, it is not better.

the event in Davos suffers this year, as much as never been under the political and social difficulties, to just be with your help actually overcome: States pull back on themselves, struggling in the inside, with serious social and economic problems of adjustment, can find no convincing answers to the challenges of Migration. Follow: Yellow-West of France, Leaving Chaos in Britain and the longest budget freeze in the United States of all time – because of a dispute in order to border protection equipment to Mexico.

The everything Klaus Schwab, the founder of the world economic forum, and his guests may not be fond of. The event will be cancelled due to the absences this year, clearly. And yet it will be exciting to see how the remaining participants will react to the Situation. From America, a large Delegation of business representatives to travel finally. They will analyze and comment on. Also from Europe, politicians are still not sufficient to assess the position of the European Union.