it could have been worse: 24 degrees Celsius, the sun in the blue sky, a gentle breeze, which blows in from the Gulf of Mexico. The environment in which the harmony prepared for upcoming tasks, distributed a holiday Feeling, the promises of the Frankfurt football-group a pleasant stay. It is not likely to hold but that, in the coming days, a hectic workload. Coach Adi Hütter announced that he will attend due to the short winter break, a closely timed program. It aims to bring the professionals quickly to a level of performance, you are in the middle of January with legitimate hope in the second half of the season can start.

Marc Heinrich

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

Made by the Austrians and his Team a lot for the two competitions, in which the look between the stands full of promise. Apt the growing claim summed up the thinking a player that could contribute to less than he hoped for success: David Abraham. In the past few weeks, injury-prone captain has let it be known that all may be Reached with the satisfactory, he would like to but still a good bit more. It was his goal for the second half of the season for him and the colleagues until the last Moment, the Chance to qualify once again for the international business.

Whether or not he thought the eligibility to participate in the Champions League, or first the but re-entered the Europa League in mid-February, with the sixteenth-finals against Shakhtar Donetsk a challenging duel is waiting, he left unsaid. On the use that Abraham reasoned with the experience gained from the variety of yet presentable ideas, not going to be lacking. “Always one hundred percent,” that’s for him personally the Maxim, which it is, as a Central defender actually, as an integral part of the Frankfurt defense provided. Because his body was, however, recently in the location and it was due to complaints of the Achilles tendon, and had to Abraham loading since mid-November, forced to take a break. Only nine League games, he was able to complete this season.

The important

Now, in Florida, is to be his Comeback efforts by the ball work on the grass courts of the IMG Academy in Bradenton the next step. So it is made out of the convalescent, and head coach Hütter. As a patient, Timothy Chandler on the American East coast also makes for a Comeback in the Form, with Lucas Torró, only a professional for longer; however, the Spaniard is continuing his rehab after the hip replacement surgery in the future in the circle of the team. “The time is short, in order to be fit as a fiddle,” said Hütter in the basic assessment of the situation. “I’m excited to see how we can fix it.”

the expectations have risen, Fredi Bobic is not unexpected – due to the successful first half of the season with 27 points in the League, the winning streak in the Europa League and economic development, which makes an adjustment of the previous sales-record mark (140 million euros) in this fiscal year. That’s why he was going to have a special responsibility, said the sports Board. “It is precisely in such moments, we need to be in the guide wide-awake. Because there are two equally stupid as the right phrases: The success of one makes the largest errors, as well as standstill is regression“ was Bobics quintessence of an interview that was published on the Club website.

To be able to Operate the Concord was the least preferred winter quarters in southern Europe or the Orient this time, and to be oriented instead to the home country of their main sponsor, where she was already in the past two years, even in the summer. “I’m a driver and always wants more,” said Bobic to his Wishes to the new sports year. It must, however, always remain the views of the Major observed: “Where the boundaries are, it can seriously be not judged.”