This is the story of an encounter between two leading faces of cinema. On one side, Line Renaud, singer, actress and magazine leader with a thousand and one lives. On the other, Dany Boon, actor, director and leading humorist of the French scene. A duo as endearing as accomplice which seduced the public.

In 2006, Dany Boon made his first film La Maison du Bonheur in which he played the main role, that of the stingy creditor Charles Boulin. While Line Renaud embodies the character of the client “Tata” Suzanne Bailleul. A comedy that attracted nearly 1.5 million moviegoers.

Two years later, it was with Bienvenue chez les ch’tis that the famous duo from Armentières had their biggest success at the French box office. Dany Boon plays the role of postman Antoine Bailleul opposite Line Renaud who plays his mother, they seduce more than 20 million fans at the cinema and all over France. From Hauts-de-France to the Cannes Film Festival, their popularity is at the top.

In 2018, Dany Boon and Line Renaud reformed their mother-son duo in La Ch’tite Famille, another box office success with more than 5.5 million moviegoers. Four years, they form a unique duo in Christian Carion’s Une belle course: a nonagenarian retiree and a taxi driver who drives his client for a last tour of Paris, at her request, before being placed in an EHPAD.

Before discovering their new film in the cinema, Line Renaud and Dany Boon confided in their long friendship. “There is a lot of love. There is something strong between us, like a filiation. Beyond words, there is a very strong bond,” said the actor visiting the Francophone Film Festival. of Angoulême with his mother of heart, last August. “We both come from a working class background, I think that helped too,” added the great actress, relayed by AFP.

Accomplices since always, Dany Boon does not hesitate to show his admiration for Line Renaud after so many years. “We found each other, even without knowing each other. The first time we saw each other, we found each other”, assures the companion of Laurence Arné. From film sets to red carpets, TV shows and award ceremonies… Focus in pictures on their friendship.