Daniele Gatti: Just a MeToo, now I’m back in the concert hall


Everything was quiet. Classic business as usual. This last week has started something of a white wash. Without special incidents. Let’s see if it lasts or whether only quickly handled. The program is sober: “Gatti. Schubert. Webern.“ Concerts on the 11. and 12. October, in the herkulessaal in Munich with the Bavarian radio Symphony orchestra.

Gatti, exactly, Daniele Gatti, months ago, of the “Washington Post” in the context of the American #MeToo movement due to severe sexual harassment of the press pillory. But then, at the beginning of August, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam dismissed because of “disorderly conduct” without notice, his first since a two-year contract as chief conductor, as of the business announced biggest complaint. You don’t know what happened, or should be, all Parties are covered. On the one hand, this is understandable, as it happens, certainly, for legal reasons. On the other hand, the Public is left outside, the finances, everything, Yes, even if it should come to severance pay. Rather suboptimal. One can assume that this case will be financially behind the Scenes regulated.

The operation, however, has a Problem. How to deal with a Mitfünfziger, which has just celebrated, is a much – booked size in Opera and concert beings, and whose reputation, although – nothing is final – well, maybe not ruined, but at least very bruised? Munich, as the first Institution in the originally scheduled date number of these are now so completely different Gatti-season, has responded. And Gatti. This was right? From the BR point of view, certainly. You had a valid contract with Gatti. The mere termination, in Amsterdam, without a detailed indication of the reasons, not long, to break this contract in Germany. And it has a 25-year-old joint concert history. The 56-Year-old needs and wants to continue making money. Of course, you’d like to know what happened on the BR-corridors as the musicians, especially the musicians towards this commitment. That was the last, with teeth clenched and a must for graduated or more, new contracts with Daniele Gatti as nothing had happened?

The classical music is well-practiced in all sit out, the beautiful, the true music as the goods burnish. Want to deal of the inclined Schubert listeners in the outside world, masking the concert hall of the temple with the dirty Details? Apparently not. Just as the Bayerische Rundfunk, recorded a maximum in the program booklet that Gatti was the chief conductor in Amsterdam. In introductions, break, talks, niente, just like on the propaganda of the in-house events accompanying BR-radio waves. The rest of the Munich-based media to give uninterested. In the single-to-find criticism of the Evening is just telling stories of the “wallowing in Conducting ecstasy” Gattis, but its Status in real life is hushed. After all, the Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant” had also come, wanted to see how you deal with your thrown out head to such reputier-owned place. And is surprised that nothing happens. As you want to, of course, dig deeper, be blocked for an Interview, even shaking hands. “Amsterdam,” the Maestro still wild, whispers the entourage. That’s what it is. Really?

dates in Russia

The cutbacks in date sequence on the website Daniele Gatti’s early displays Cover by Fabio Luisi led the Maggio Musicale in Florence, also Buddy Valery Gergiev has given him new concert dates in Russia. The Old-Boys-Network under the Almighty conductor, it seems to work. The Opera Rom on Gatti as a “Rigoletto”conductor. Thus, the example of Munich, is likely to make school. The Berliner Philharmoniker’s artistic Director Andrea zietzsch man is not to play Baden on Gatti as “Otello”-conductor of the Easter festival Baden Baden can abandon the purely legal. Unless and until then, what is happening in an Amsterdam court. But then you would have because of the brevity is a Problem.

as Katharina Wagner and the Bayreuth festival. There is a 2020, about five years running, from Daniele Gatti is a signed contract for the new “Ring”. Needs the head of a replacement, should you trade because of the prelims now. But legally their hands are tied. And the Moral? The fine classical music industry never really far above.