He was one of the key actors in the film Le Dîner de cons in 1998. The actor, who has become rarer in his last years, has enjoyed success alongside his wife, a Danish woman named Jette Bertelsen, also known by the nickname “Yette”.

It was in the 1960s during the Elsinore Festival in Denmark that they met. Quickly, the lovebirds decide to put the ring on their finger. More in love than ever, they give birth to three children: Erling and Christophe Prévost, Søren. The latter followed in his father’s footsteps since he also starred in several films including Les Petits Ruisseaux in 2010, The Outsider in 2016 or in an episode of the television series Profilage in 2018.

Unfortunately, their family happiness came to an end on March 19, 2007. While Yette had accompanied her husband Daniel Prevost on set in Lille for the filming of the TV movie Monsieur Joseph on France 2, she was found dead in a hotel room. Hermitage Ghent. She was reportedly found in her bathtub by a member of the maintenance staff.

In 2018, 11 years after his death, actor Daniel Prévost released a book in tribute to his late wife titled You’ll Never Know How Much I Love You. Invited to the antenna of RTL, he confided in his death: “The mourning will always be present but, besides that, there is life that continues (…) We resonate upside down. On Suddenly, you have a moment of latency. And then, little by little, we let ourselves be pushed by life (…) and we say to ourselves “I must continue to live”, he confided.

Asked by Le Figaro in 2018, the star revealed that writing this book had allowed him to rebuild after the disappearance of his wife: “This is not the story of my life but it is true that the disappearance of my wife acted as a detonator. I needed to write to rebuild myself because after a tragedy one needs to recreate something. And this license to rebuild, you will obtain it with your family, with those remaining”.