Soon viewers? – Daniel Koch caught off guard in the Super League this week is to decide on the future of Swiss football. The question is whether the statement made by Daniel Koch changed the opinion of the Clubs for the resumption of the season.Dominic Wuillemin35 Kommentare35Diktiert now the Super League speed: Daniel Koch, the head of the division of communicable diseases at the Federal office for health.Alessandro della Valle (Keystone)is Still the rule that in the case of Soccer, no spectators are allowed…Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)…should be between the spectators a distance met…Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)…it is not up to a full Stand as it is here in Basel there is still a long way.Fabrice Coffrini (Keystone)1 / 4

It needed a follow up to Daniel cook, a delegate of the Federal office for public health in the area of Coronavirus, the reluctance passed. Then he said on Sunday evening in support of the SRF with respect to the prohibition of events with over a thousand visitors by the end of August, taking the number of new Infections continues to be positive, he would advise the Federal Council, as early as possible relaxations to be made. He could imagine, said cook, that games with viewers may be in July again.

The statement comes completely unexpectedly. Mind games seemed the only way to finish the season. As Markus Lüthi, President of FC Thun, last week andachte from the summer in a game with 5000 instead of 10’000 spectators to admit, he was accused of, to have the sense of reality is lost.

Feasible, but …

YB – CEO Vanya abomination speaks of a positive Surprise, a beautiful character. He was doing so but no cheers jumps. Because: “the number of new Infections in the next few days, such Considerations are rapidly becoming obsolete.”

Similar sounds in other Clubs, euphoric voices are not heard. FC Basel announced that the issue with any Play in front of spectators in July at the Moment very hypothetically. And the Swiss Football League said: “We take the statements with interest. Important for the further course of action for the next Decisions of the Federal Council to the easing steps are now. These are positive perspectives are created, and we will contact you for further discussions with the authorities.”

cooking also called conditions. You would have to know who lived where exactly in the stadium, so that a possible contagion event could be traced back. This would mean that it could be offered only the seats. Abomination thinks it’s feasible, in the case of YB to do more about such scenarios, thoughts, especially in European Play, no standing places are allowed. He, however, also means that one could hardly prevent a spectator to leave during the game, his place. “Wherein,” says abomination, “the population is now very sensitized in dealing with the Virus.”

Confident that the season will be continued

On Wednesday to announce the Federal Council is definitely if the professional games are in June, will again be possible on Friday then the twenty Clubs in the Super and Challenge League will decide at an extraordinary GM on the resumption of the championship holding from 20. June. The question now is whether cook’s statement has no impact on the vote.

abomination, a great supporter of the resumption of the season, says that it could not, at least, damage is more important, however, that the Bundesliga is evidence that it was possible, the season, in spite of Corona to continue. Abomination says that he is confident that the club will decide on Friday for more play.

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