This November 21, 2022, singer Daniel Guichard celebrates his 74th birthday. Star of the 1970s, he became a popular artist thanks to his titles La Tendress e or even Faut pas pleurer comme ça. Like many artists before him, Daniel Guichard fought against addiction, especially alcohol. This is what he revealed in 2015 in the columns of the magazine Ici Paris.

“I was addicted to whisky-coca and cigarettes, at the rate of 3 or 4 bottles a day and as many packets of Gitanes… there is always a reason for events”, he had declared and add: “There are two options: either you spend your time fucking with everyone, or you drink to forget. But hey, it’s been over for thirty years, all that”. This father of seven children, born to several companions, had confided in his success and his relationship with his offspring. “My first three children suffered from my success. They did not see me much, I must not have been a good father. I was a little off my pumps even if it stabilized afterwards”, explained -he and to add: “I had a big head when I started out, I got it deflated by life and I deflated myself”.

Today, Daniel Guichard has returned to the recording studios. The singer will also be on stage in 2023 for a series of concerts, as he revealed on his official page. “Daniel Guichard returns in 2023 with new concert dates (…) The opportunity for the singer to perform his greatest hits which give variety its letters of nobility: tenderness, the gypsy, don’t cry like that, the eternal My old man, while leaving the spotlight on covers and unpublished”, can we read. In the meantime, Planet invites you to discover it in photos in our slideshow.