The audacity of some of the winter sports knows no bounds. In the Austrian Lech, were recognised on Saturday for four friends from Germany on a locked ski route by an avalanche and buried. Three men aged 32, 36 and 57 years, were recovered dead, the search for a 28-year-old Missing persons has been discontinued until further notice. Already last Thursday, the mountain rescue Mayrhofen had to get rid in the Zillertal valley, two skiers, who had left the secured Piste despite avalanche warning level four, which means great risk, and without local knowledge of the steep terrain were awesome, until they tied the knot.

After the two recovered were, they told rescuers of the Mountain, that two other skiers were left with them. As the story went on, told Andreas Eder, the ortstelle head of the mountain rescue Mayrhofen on the Zillertal one of the following: “in fact, the second free-rider Duo sat up against 18.15 an emergency call and I took usually by telephone contact with the detector. Already slightly annoyed, I allowed myself the question, what are you exit because, despite the alert level 4 to free site. The young man from Salzburg who had traveled with his colleague on a day trip to Zillertal, had me, then, that he needed now no insults and as quickly as possible with his friend rescued wool.“

Not only in the Zillertal valley, the mountain rescuers had to go in danger of their lives. How quickly can easily the sense of the skiers in a tragic accident, was on Wednesday in St. Anton am Arlberg. First, it was reported that a family of four from Australia was lost. As it turned out later, they had already taken trips more Variant than they were in rough terrain and at dusk at half past five o’clock, an emergency call. While Waiting for the rescuers of an avalanche that buried the 16-year-old son, two-Meter-deep broke up, according to police. For him, every help came too late.

For rescue operations, which are not the result of an accident or a medical emergency, need to pay a mountain athlete in the rule itself. The mountain rescue Bavaria, for example, for an avalanche to use up to 2500 Euro. Health insurance does not cover these costs. The insurance, which is associated with membership in the German Alpine club, a jumps.