you have to run blindfolded through your house, driving the escalator or Auto: The Thriller “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock has moved many people, it is the heroine to do the same and to go blindfolded through the world. While that is in the Netflix movie, however, the only way to escape a deadly threat, it brings the people in real life is in danger.

“the output is predictable,” writes the police of Layton in the American state of Utah to images demo-profile cars on Twitter: A driver had participated in the #birdbox challenge, an incitement in the social media, it’s not just Sandra Bullock the same, but also movies, and to publish the result.

Netflix had alerted its users in the beginning of the year before injuries and prompted to stop this. Now Youtube has banned the publication of the corresponding Videos. “Even if it is unfair not to allow the Posting of certain content, because this could lead viewers to certain actions, we draw a border for the content that intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal acts, where there is a risk to life or limb,” writes the Video-Portal in a new Directive.