German love murders. The impression, if one switches on any evening through the television program. From 20 o’clock until shortly after midnight, more than 15 hours of crime series and movies from ARD to Vox. The ZDF shows “The dead of Salzburg”, the NDR sends his investigators to the “big city area” into the dangerous pastry milieu, in the SWR, the “Rentnercops” and at the Hessischer Rundfunk drives – more cliché – in the case of “murders in the North,” the body of a lübeck marzipan manufacturer in the Timmendorfer strand.

It tango larger selection prevails in the German crime than in the yoghurt shelf. Of the young urban investigator to the retired detectives, there is something for every age group and every social stratum. Even Germany, the radio has a Whodunit in the program. And also when looking at the reading habits of the Germans of the crime is not to be overlooked. Among the Top 5 of the best-selling books in Germany, the crime writers Nele Neuhaus, Sebastian Fitzek and Robert Galbraith (crime-Pseudonym of Harry Potter Creator J. K. Rowling) to be found currently. What is the fascination of the mystery for the Germans?

It may come as a surprise in a Genre that maintains brutal murders, The crime means calming. Anyone who reads him, or looks, does not expect any major Surprises. The conditions are clearly defined, it is the old fight of Good against Evil. And so much of the Evil fascinates of a purely abstract, it is clear, on whose side one is here. The figure of the investigator or the investigator is created so that the readers or viewers can easily identify with or at least clearly sympathetic to find, embodies the certainty that one is on the right, so the good side of the story.

The murder, the Suspects, the enlightenment

The structure follows mostly the same pattern: the murder, the Suspects, the enlightenment. At the end of the the crimes of the lost order is placed nice balance. The Good has triumphed, the world is safe again. Aristotle detective stories had read, he had also attests to catharsis, the purification of the soul by strong emotional art effect, (and if one’s interpretation of Sophocles’ “king Oedipus” with the investigation of the murder of Laius as a detective story, he has the even).

The mystery reader can be all to the idea, he had somewhat contributed to the fact that the world is back in order. He stumbles statements ropes on the side of the detective on the case, and incorrectly, has been recognized at the end of the offender is correct and the case is solved in this way. How often have you experiences such success in the everyday life?

Even death is here taken of the spine. Also, a kind-hearted people, the switch to a documentary about animal slaughter immediately and statistics on domestic violence, shaken to put it to the side, to read with pleasure is crime novels. Because “fear” Suspense genius Alfred Hitchcock in reading the detective stories of Edgar Allan PoE’s castle, “it is a feeling, the feelings of the people, if you know that you are in safety”. And where you feel safer than on your own Sofa? Not necessarily voltage, but a distraction, as a society, novels thrillers, which deal with current political issues, and demonstrate how it can come as a result of social structures, violence and crime Packed. In the worse case, detectives from the North sea, paint on a Regional basis over the Eifel region to the Allgäu landscape, culinary and linguistic clichés of the respective Region, that the local Patriotic reader feel a little more homely.