The crème de la crème of the Flemish cycling world gathered Tuesday night in the Kursaal of Ostend, the flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad Flandrien by 2019. The most eye-catching was the guest of Victor Campenaerts with the orange lenses at the gala was “a hint to the theme of the evening: a touch of fire. Click here to view the photo special on the blue carpet.

Campenaerts had the orange lenses, because the theme was “a touch of fire” Photos: MATCH Wout Van Aert and Sarah De Bie (Photo: BELGA, Remco Evenepoel Photo: BELGA, Freddy Maertens, and Francesco Moser (Photo: Peter Malaise, Rik Verbrugghe, and Claudia From the Team (Photo: BELGA Thomas De Gendt, and Evelyn Tuytens (Photo: BELGA, Jens Keukeleire, and Part Maesen (Photo: BELGA, Dylan Teuns, and in the Groin, Hoeyberghs (Photo: BELGA Yves Lampaert & sue Demeulemeester, Photo: THERE’s Edward Theuns and Him Crapoen a Photo: THERE, Tim He and Tracy Debruyne (Photo: BELGA Stephanie Clerckx (Photo: BELGA Dries Devenyns and Nathalie Landrie (Photo: BELGA Jasper De Buyst and Gaia, The society of Photo: BELGA, Stijn Vandenbergh, and Delphine’s Photo: BELGA, Timothy Dupont and His Ravets Photo: BELGA, Allan Peiper, and Isabelle Verstichel (Photo: BELGA Maxime Vantomme, and He Vanderjeugt Photo: BELGA Ben Weyts Photo: BELGA, Jelle Wallays c, David Picture: BELGA Senne Leysen Jill Mannaerts Picture: THERE He women’s race, and Kelly (Photo: BELGA Piet Allegaert, and Simply Wybaillie a Photo: THERE Dries De Bondt and Billy Van Landuyt Foto: BELGA, Peter Van Petegem and his wife, Angelique, and his son, Axandre Picture: THERE is Jean-Marie Dedecker, and Christine, Dehaemers (Photo: BELGA, Patrick Lefevere Photo: THERE I can’t Photograph: THERE, Freddy Maertens (Photo: BELGA, Frederick Wilson, and Each of the De Vreese (Photo: BELGA Bart De Clercq and Sofie De Vuyst (Photo: BELGA, Rudy De Bie and Véronique Schurmann (Photo: BELGA, Maja Leye, and Nicolas Denys (Photo: BELGA Photo: BELGA Kris Boeckmans, and Marie-Claude Hamel’s Photos: THERE, Ine Beyen (Photo: BELGA Jean-Pierre Heynderickx. and to Donna He the Photo: THERE Gella Vandecaveye, Eddy Vinckier Picture: THERE Jan Most of and Lien Willaert (Photo: Photo in the News of Jo Planckaert and the reality check (Photo: BELGA, Stijn De Bock, and is Among a Docx, Photo: BELGA, Jesse Vandenbulcke and Giovanni De Merlier (Photo: MATCH Each of the Weylandt Michael Ossieur Picture: THERE is More about the Flandrien After a gain of a Flandrien is to recover blown out to Wout van Aert: “I’ve had a little time to relax and enjoy” A historic, exciting and Gala event, the Flandrien deserves a solid aftermovie: watch it here!!! Wout van Aert crown is to the Flandrien after a tough month: I had a credit to use”, Sofie De Vuyst, two years ago, to escape death, and now Flandrienne of the Year : “After my accident, I’m able to enjoy each and every course”