Cybersecurity experts, a talent highly coveted: companies steal employees


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there Are few and companies to the raffle. is professionals specialising in cyber security are highly sought in a business environment increasingly digitized that needs to be protected from cyber attacks, a silent enemy that can paralyze the activity of any organization and to sink your reputation. As vacancies abound candidates are scarce. “They are very specific profiles that need to have a technical knowledge in different tools and, to this day, the market of our country is not prepared for the demand that there is at the enterprise level “, says Sara Alvarez , Manager IT & Telco at Spring Professional. And this deficit makes those who choose to train in the art have a high employability.

The insufficient number of experts is also on wages. “Companies steal employees, which makes them very well paid,” says John Joseph Nombela , director of the department of Computer Science and Technology Unite. This unsatisfied demand leads, as recognized in Alvarez that “the wage bands to be handled are high and even many times, depending on the experience, exorbitant”. It speaks of a minimum of 30,000 euros per year and more than € 100,000 depending on the specialization, certifications, or companies in which it has been the person. is The big multinationals want to incorporate the best in their templates, and to seduce the candidate also appeal to the wage emotional . “We offer telework, something that these profiles ask a lot, the participation in projects, international fairs or events where they can meet with the gurus of technology, dedicate a day a week just to R & D… today the salary and wage emotional are the keys to tell you the yes I want to,” explains Alvarez.

salaries are very attractive, ranging between 30,000 and 100,000 euros in a

The war for talent has already begun and the expectations for the coming years point in the same direction. According to a study by the Center for Cybersecurity and Education (ISC), in 2022 there will be approximately 350,000 jobs for cybersecurity experts without cover in Europe and, at the global level, the lack will reach 1.8 million professionals.

Aware that cybersecurity is an output and labor on the rise, the academic institutions take time by moving tab. In June of 2020, there existed in Spain 72 master’s degrees and four degrees taught by a total of 132 centres , according to the latest data compiled by the National Institute of Cybersecurity. is The professional possibilities in this discipline are diverse . “Organizationally the highest position is responsible for information security of the company (CISO) and, from here, the departments of computer science and security require experts in the secure development of software, perimeter security, security in the cloud, in artificial intelligence to prevent attacks, on personal data protection, analysts, cyber security, computer forensics, auditors of systems…”, indicates Nombela. A wide range of work on which, according to experts, there is a certain lack of knowledge among the students in the moment that you have to choose your career.

In a country like Spain, the head of the youth unemployment in the European Union with a rate of 32.9 per cent , according to Eurostat data, the training in cybersecurity may be the key to employment. “If we orient our young people towards this branch surely then the employability of them is high,” notes Alvarez.