the zoo has, for the first time in three years in a king penguin was brought into the world. In the chick, the name Urban was given, kipte earlier in the week, as a way out of the problem. The mother has Ra, which is itself about three years ago, and was born at the zoo. DNA analysis of the Antwerp maritime academy, be all of that, he’s a male.

the Ra was to now, and the latest incarnation of the group of ten man colony, koningspinguïns in Vriesland. Father Eddy, who, in 2017, from Edinburgh to Antwerp.

Photos: Zoo
– The eggs of a king penguin usually have between 52-and 62-day breeding season is required. This one arrived on day 57 and all the way out of the egg, and it was at that moment in time is 256 grams. “It really is a good little penguin,” according to new Heidi.

According to the zoo, visitors will in the next few days, especially with the small addition can have to try watching it under the protective fold of skin on mom or dad.

Urban’s pricked himself with a small hole in the egg. (Photo: Zoo of Antwerp < / P>

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