visitors to the Frankfurt city centre rate shopping and dining options. You complain but cleanliness and safety, as well as lack of Parking facilities. On average, the City receives for its attractiveness, the school grade is 2.2. This is evident from a published Wednesday by the investigation. Frankfurt has improved in comparison to a study from the year 2014, which is 0.3 percentage points.

a Total of 2000 people were interviewed in September of last year, on the Initiative of the chamber of Commerce and industry (IHK). The survey was organized in 115 other German cities.

Online Shopping every week

For Frankfurt, the investigation confirmed that the Online trading is to ever-fiercer competition for inner cities and their retail. Almost 30 percent of the respondents stated that they bought a daily, or weekly on the Internet. Four years ago, this was eight percent. Every Fifth of visitors were to go, because of the changing shopping behaviour of rare in the city centre.

Almost two thirds of the visitors in the City according to the survey, from Frankfurt, with the Rest coming from the bacon belt and further the Rhein-Main area.