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It is likely that the situation that we have experienced in the last few months to bring multiple and diverse changes: both on a macro level –international dynamic, political, economic and social– as in one micro –interpersonal relationships, new concerns individual. So, companies we will face a new context that will change the way that we operate up to now . The banking sector is no stranger to this reality and, although there are several areas of activity that will change, in my opinion, there are three major areas that any banking entity should be considered a priority.

The most obvious, although not the easiest, is the scanning. The situation arising from Covid-19 has accelerated the developments, both of the models of relationship with digital customers as the tools to facilitate work in remote professionals. The health crisis has revealed that the companies, in which digitisation was an intrinsic part of its activity, have been able to respond to the needs of the client so agile and safe. is The banking sector will need to continue to deepen its digitization if you want to be really useful to the citizens and to maintain its leadership in the face of growing competition from companies in other sectors are increasingly interested in offering banking services.

In the second place, the situation resulting from the Covid-19 has impacted prominently in both behavior and in the preferences of the customers. Complicated situations that we have lived have come to the fore feelings, such as fear, uncertainty, and boredom, which will continue to be with us for some time. In this situation, the primary key would be in listening to the customer, understand what you need and how you need it . In terms of what we will need to be able to offer products adapted to the particular needs. The lessons learned from the 2008 crisis, and the own vulnerability of many clients requires us to be especially scrupulous with offers simple and easy to understand. As for how, we must be close to the customer in a comfortable, safe and agile.

But how can we combine this need to be closer than ever with a growing digitalization, which by its very nature, personal contact fades? The answer is none other than the customer experience.

Those entities which are able to offer an experience of excellent customer will be the winners . A technology platform powerful that it is reliable and effective, teams analysis of data to understand each customer in a personalized way, and to bring to the attention digital the best of the personal contact will be areas of work essential.

third, the financial institutions you’re going to play a fundamental role in the sustainability , a trend that the healthcare crisis has accelerated. The funding of those projects that contribute to achieve an economy of zero emissions should become a priority for us. But, also, the sustainability understood in a broader way. We are actors with responsibility in the society and, therefore, we must analyze what is our role as a company to facilitate a work environment that is sustainable and a work life balance for our professionals. The challenges of digitization and customer experience require the best talent. And to be able to attract, we must create models of work that will build the confidence and freedom to the employee. This approach will result in turn in proposals relevant also for the customers.

The work that still lies ahead of us is exciting and all of this in a context challenging with a regulatory environment demanding and interest rates that remain at low levels for a long time . The banking sector has an incomparable raw material (safety and know-how) to meet the future challenges with success. To do this, we will, as always, to listen and to leave it to the own customers that we mark the step.

Roel Huisman is the ceo of ING Spain and Portugal

Roel Huisman