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The researchers of the European Society of Cardiology found that the classical music, you can trigger rates of recovery rate slower or faster , depending on the person listening. That is, before the same piece of music, two hearts can respond in a different way, acerlerándose or slowing down your speed.

patients with heart failure mild showed recovery times heart shorter, which indicates excitation, or recovery time heart longer , which indicates relaxation, during particular moments of a classical concert, according to reports “The Daily Mail”.

The investigation could get to the point, as are output practice to their conclusions, that the recommendation of the music in a personalized way. Something like recipes for heart disease common, and to help people stay alert or more relaxed.

“we Use precise methods to record the response of the heart to the music and we found that what calms one person may be exciting to another ,” said the author of the study, professor Elaine Chew, of the National Center of Scientific Research of France. “To understand how it reacts to the heart of an individual to changes of music, we plan to design interventions custom musical to get the desired response”, included in this half british..

The new research invited three patients with heart failure mild, that requires a pacemaker, a concert of classical piano with live parts, Chopin and the contemporary composer Jonathan Berger.

“In some people, heart rhythm disorders, potentially fatal, can be caused by stress,” said the medical director of the project, professor Pier Lambiase, of the University College of London, according to “The Daily Mail”.

The team says that the design “tailor-made interventions” in the form of music which could reduce your blood pressure, or reduce the risk of heart rhythm disorders without the side effects of the medication. And although the study was done with a small sample size, the researchers acumularos gigs of data, and the results are confirming now with a broader sample.