Club Brugge and there is a second, stunt, on location, in the Champions League final to be played. PSG seemed to be ripe for a division of points, but for the value, and a distinctive Senegalese have decided otherwise. Mbaye Diagne stepped on, stolen, penalty, weak in the hands of Keylor Navas.

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A quarter of an hour left on the clock, and the Parc des Princes, it was just very, very quiet now. Hans Vanaken was penaltypunt however, Mbaye Diagne did not order. He omknelde the ball as if it was their most prized possession was. Arguing was pointless. He had been as a substitute for a penaltyfout be enforced, he’d shoot also.

as for The subbing of Diagne was saved as a result of a tough match for David Okereke. – Club Brugge is played, vrank, and is convincing in the park, but missed out on an appearance in the r-rated. Diagne spent the physical power. The penaltyovertreding of the veteran Thiago Silva was one hundred percent right. At the head of the Senegalese, he was the only one, deserved, strafschopnemer.

It was, as Hans Vanaken is no scene was on the field, he’s a very expensive gun-for-hire from The Club to pay over 3 million for him, but it had to do. The evil seemed to be as had already been done. Diagne went on and kicked the ball in the “sweet zone” of Keylor Navas. The Costa Rican didn’t even have a lot of work to get the ball to stop it.

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take The missed penalty was a unique opportunity to be a publicity stunt, and in a second away game in a row in the Champions League. The Club coach Philippe Clement has awarded Odilon Kossounou to have good games in the Belgian league, with the first starting in the Champions League. The 18-year-old Mix was standing right in front of Kylian Mbappé, but it seemed to hardly are under the impression. It seemed, however, that he is a French superstar in his spare time, has tried to pass in between the rushes along it, the pressure is on.

With a lot of forward pressure, and the vertical game was also a Club regular in the half of Paris Saint-Germain can be found. The Parisians have played further away from their target, then at Jan Breydel, and Hans Vanaken, Eder Balanta, and Mats Rits took advantage of the space for the attackers to deeply to us. Krépin Diatta is on the left, and With Dennis (on the right hand side a number of times in promising positions aangespeeld. But once you are in the r-rated verzandden of their good intentions. Or were they themselves the defenders or put them to the improper return of the sting out of the attack.

now, David, Okereke had a difficult night. The cheerful Nigerian did it again are the best, and dove into all of the corners in order to get the ball to come out. But it lacked the all-too-often a key priority for the Club. Two small kansjes got Okereke in the first fifteen minutes. A shot right in front of it and a header lacked the power to Keylor Navas to be at risk. For the rest it was Okereke’s no fist. He was far too easy to get the ball through the thuisverdedigers. However, it took 65 minutes for the Philippe Clement Mbaye Diagne – anything but sharp against KV Kortrijk from the bank is called for.

the Paris Saint-Germain, has a half-game lead. After that, the young Frenchman to a Passionate and Dagba – the replacement for the injured Thomas Meunier, with lots of space, had been on the right hand side, his cross to Mauro Icardi. The Argentine mercenary, scored simply his eighth goal in nine matches for PSG. The roman looked at the edge of the box after an offside, but it was not clear error for the wizard to detect it.

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the Club continued to play football, but the muscle if it is in the r-rated came out. Dennis was the best attacker, but in his lap for half an hour in front. Di Maria had chances for PSG, but Simon Mignolet showed just before half-time once again in this class. In the second half, and remained at the Club for at least equal footing with Paris Saint-Germain. Dennis continued, and Navas did have a shot. Okereke saw the ball in the pick up in the corner to open it.

in the still of the stages took the Club to much. In the absence of a Website Is ordered is delivered. PSG had chances at 2-0, but Icardi was not on the ball of the Bernat. He was, in turn, was replaced by Cavani.

But the biggest drama took place, for the purpose of Keylor Navas in. Diagne had three great chances missed against Kortrijk and was also a at Zulte Waregem and is far from a clinical display. He kicked at the Gaverbeek, but it was a intikker that he will not be able to make a contribution. Two of the other opportunities in my life, he’s going to kill.

for The Senegalese, was the wrong man at the wrong time, is a historical European goal for the Club to score goals. He had left his rent with just one generous gesture to Hans Vanaken may be able to recover, and now he’s taking the Club very, very heavy plot.

the Blue-and-black, and has two more games to get to the desired goal in the third position, and a new start in the Europa League to live up to. Something tells us that the mission, the number of ten, from Senegal, will begin.

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