to The trustees of the Thomas Cook Retail Belgium until the end of next week, time to plan for the future, for the Tuesday, bankrupt said company. That is to be communicated at a staff meeting in Ghent, belgium. Of the 501 employees, including about 150 from the Brussels and Wallonia will be asked to make themselves available, in spite of their termination of employment.

The trustees provide that there are multiple interested parties for the company, both as a whole and specific sections. If the company is broken up, the chances of a new start to the defence department, for the support and administrative services in the Nrs. Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, operates a store network of 91 branches from the Thomas Cook/Neckermann covers the whole of the country.

at Thomas Cook Retail Belgium does not currently have any money in the treasury, but there is still a possibility. If there are still outstanding debts for financial freedom can provide. In the meantime, have a a small number of employees on the work, held to be practical and on-going issues to deal with.

the FEDERATION: “Any potential buyer will be able to shop with all the staff.”

According to the FEDERATION-vakbondsvrouw Els De Coster will be to a potential purchaser as a result of shopping with staff that Wednesday there will be a “double ring” of the trustees to have received it. “They will be dismissed, but the question is not to start looking for another job, because there is at least a part of the crew of a go-around may be possible.”

in The case of bankruptcy, the cut made in the interviews with the management and prospective purchasers, and to the staff of the other three members of the British reisgigant is already on the road. The branch in Belgium to 91 of the travel shops farm was in trouble, but the board began a search for a 5 million euro in order to re-create. Some of the staff could see the storm already in place and were in the meantime looking for another job.

in the case of bankruptcy, a prospective purchaser will not be obliged to take into account the existing staff: 501 employees, of which there are 150 in the walloon region and in Brussels. “A new owner will be able to to shop staff, it will not be total,” said De Coster. Though it may seem, after the declaration of the trustees on Wednesday is plausible that some of the employees, a new contract is given.

go to the retail store network, with 91 branch offices, or to be a part of it. The trustees show that it is more interested in it’s headquarters in Ghent, has more than 200 members of staff employed.
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